It is time to water! We have had an exceptionally dry fall – unseasonably warm weather coupled with a lack of rain (I mean we haven’t had a decent rain since the first of September) is wreaking havoc on trees, shrubs and lawns. Even if the forecast is predicting rain, unless we get an inch, supplemental watering will be necessary. We are seeing established trees and shrubs around Kansas City wilting, which will be very hard on these plants going into winter and can cause irreversible damage if the winter continues to be dry.

 All trees and shrubs, especially evergreens, should be watered about every 10 days.

What is the best way to water?

For trees and shrubs, start by setting a hose at the base of the plant and letting the water trickle from the hose, about a pencil-sized trickle, for 45 minutes to 1 hour for each plant.

If using a sprinkler, leave the sprinkler on for 1.5 to 2 hours. Lawns, especially under trees, need to be watered with a sprinkler for 45 minutes to 1 hour about every 7 days.

As the temperature cools down, more time can elapse between watering, but unless we start getting regular, steady rains (3/4”-1”), watering will need to continue until the ground freezes. All newly planted trees and shrubs – even if dormant – need water periodically throughout the winter. A good trick is to pile snow up around all your trees and shrubs when shoveling. The heavy layer of snow will help insulate the plants and give a much needed drink as it melts.

One thought on “Time to Water”

  1. I want a pretty, low growth, sunset colors for fall. We had a maple that was perfect, except for the “helicopters” in the spring and it was the right height and globe in shape. I think it what they call Boulevard lining trees.

    It had to be removed for sewer lines and it was quite awhile ago that we had it put in.
    Which tree do you suggest for the Shawnee, KS area?

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