Now is the best time to control winter weeds. With this beautiful week of weather, Iris and daffodils are starting to pop their heads up, but so are those irritating weeds. This is a great time to spray your winter-hardy weeds like Dandelion, Chickweed and Henbit in the lawn. These are weeds that are already growing so your spring application of PreEmergent won’t touch them, and IT’S BETTER FOR THE BEES! Spraying now, before flowers emerge and bees are active, protects the bees and the hives from weed killer damage. If you just have a few problem spots, a ready-to-use application of weed free zone should work, but for large areas or small weeds difficult to spot spray, a hose end application might be easier. In beds or vegetable gardens, either pull weeds or use Roundup – don’t get Roundup on desirable plants.

Henbit                                                                     Chickweed                                                             


2 thoughts on “Spray weeds now to protect the bees”

  1. We live on the Kansas City / Leavenworth boarder and drive by your main facility almost everyday on highway 5. My neighbors and I have talked and we all agree that we’d like to see a nursery open at that site not only for convenience but for environmental factors as well. What do we need to do to help you get this done?

  2. Early March may have been a good time to spot-spray weeds. But we’re now into the middle third of April, and bees are certainly out and about. Any and all herbicide (and especially pesticide) use should be very carefully considered now. And please consider using pesticides (if at all necessary) that do not contain neonicotinoids–these chemicals are not safe for bees and other pollinators, as they accumulate within plant tissues, including pollen, and eventually prove harmful to bees.

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