Perennials add texture and color year after year to the landscape, and we pride ourselves in our extensive selection of perennials we grow ourselves right here in the Midwest.



Perennials are plants that come back year after year – some flower while others bring foliage color and texture to landscape beds. The world of perennials is an exciting place as new, improved varieties are being developed to bloom bigger, better and longer. We understand that you can pick up a Hosta or Daylily anywhere – what sets Family Tree Nursery apart is our unmatched variety and helpful, knowledgeable staff eager to answer your questions, select the perfect plant or help design a colorful bed. “If we don’t grow it, it’s not worth growing” has been a quiet mantra of ours for years, but we stand behind it by only growing the best.   We have tough winters and hot summers and not all perennials perform well here. At Family Tree Nursery, we grow our own perennials and select cultivars for toughness, flower power or foliage and habitat. We are constantly adapting our selection to represent the best varieties for our area.

What we’re excited about this year!

SunSparkler Sedum – Sun

We all know Sedum as a tough “live forever” perennial… but this is not your grandmother’s sedum! SunSparkler is an exciting new series of low-growing sedum with a compact habit, brighter, non-fading foliage and intense flower color.

Some varieties include:
Cherry Tart
Lime Zinger



Banana Crème Leucanthemum – Sun

Awesome new Shasta Daisy! Add a patch of cheer to your garden with these large, creamy yellow blooms on a neat, compact plant. This Proven Winner introduction offers maximum disease resistance and a long bloom time. A perfectly sized perennial for garden beds that stays under 2′ high and wide.






hibiscus-cherrycheesecakeSummerific ‘Cherry Cheesecake’ Hibiscus – Sun

Perennial Hibiscus has it all – strength and beauty! Cherry Cheesecake has enormous flowers that almost look painted with variations of pink and white centered around a red eye. The plant can reach 4-5 feet in height making it a showstopper for the back of the garden. Hardy Hibiscus love the heat and are late to break dormancy in the spring, but will reward you with blooms throughout the hot summer.





Asclepias – Sun

Monarch populations are declining drastically due to a steady loss of habitat and an increase in pesticide use. Do what you can to boost the Monarch population by planting your own beautiful butterfly garden. Asclepias tuberosa, or Butterfly Weed, is a host plant for the monarch population and a must-have for any butterfly garden. This variety has bright, long-blooming flowers on a compact plant.





Heuchera – Sun or shade

Heucheras rock! What 10 years ago used to only be ‘Palace Purple’, a brownish purple, reliable but boring specimen, has evolved into dozens of varieties as colorful as a rainbow. We have learned that not all Heuchera are created equal when it comes to toughing out our Midwest weather, and we now exclusively grow only Americana and Villosa varieties which are the most vigorous and reliable for us here. Try ‘Obsidian’, a coral bell for sun or shade in a beautiful blackberry-purple color.