As summer comes to a close and we start to think ahead to fall what will you remember from this season? I mean besides the crazy weather?

We are always told to make notes, keep a journal, take pictures- don’t know about you but I have yet to properly document a season.

So, I’m going to do the work for you…and for me. Here’s a list of my favorite plants this year- those that exceeded my expectations and I would recommend to anyone:

‘Gold Dust’ Mercadonia

Such a great plant! True confession… I actually killed all of these the first year I had these in the greenhouse because I thought (incorrectly) that they were delicate, little water lovers. Crazy drought-tolerant-  yellow flowers on a low-growing (under 6 inches), spreading plant. I grew them this year in pots and in the ground. One of my favorite potted flowers; still blooming well in my beds but almost too small (and getting eaten up by my petunias…)



‘Caliente Coral’ Ivy Geranium

Not your typical geranium girl but gave this one a try- awesome plant! Seriously intense coral blooms that have not quit all summer. Threw a pot together with my “leftovers” of the season and it has become my favorite patio collection.




‘Jade Princess’ Ornamental Millet

Ornamental is the key word here! Good looking, chartreuse foliage with huge, fuzzy “caterpillar’ blooms that I dare you not to touch. Perfect in beds or pots- I tried both.  Information for the plant has it reaching 3-4 feet tall but just FYI, I have never had it get over 2 feet at my house.




Tiger Fern

Yes, we all know ferns are easy-to-grow, low-maintenance, blah, blah, blah. But for those who think that a fern gets a little dull year after year you have to try this. The same care of a Boston fern but with wild variegated green and yellow foliage. Super color for darker, shadier spots, either alone or mixed with other things.



‘Surdiva’ Scaevola

Have yet to ever jump on the Scaevola bandwagon but this new cultivar knocked my socks off! Same purple fan-flower blooms but on a plant that actually drips over a pot instead of arming straight out.








‘Wasabi’, ‘El Brighto’, ‘Fingerpaint’ Coleus

All sun-tolerant coleus is pretty terrific—it can handle sun or shade and still look great all summer. There are A LOT of varieties now and choosing “the best” can be nearly impossible. These are the varieties that I am loving this year; they get big, they don’t break and they do not fade in sun!




‘Purple Flash’ Pepper

Deep purple variegated foliage on a compact and well-branched plant. Small round fruits ripen to red and pop against the dark background. You must plant this to really understand how cool it is! And at least this is a plant that the bunnies won’t eat…





And of course, I still have my “tried and true” favorites:

Dragonwing Begonias, Purslane, Ixora, Wandering Jew, Purple Heart, ‘Silver Falls’ Dichondra and Persian Shield

2 thoughts on “A Summer of Favorites”

  1. Do you have any button ferns with a small round leaf/fron? One of my friends bought one awhile ago. Thank you.

    1. Our Overland Park store has one left in a 4″ pot for $5.99. You might give our Shawnee store a call to see if they have more. 913.631.6121.

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